Stephen Von Worley


To create high-quality software.


  • Software engineer, computer scientist, entrepreneur, and artist.
  • Hard-working, honest, and efficient.
  • Solid understanding of fundamental Internet and Web technologies and protocols.
  • Over three decades of full stack development experience and one million lines of code written.
  • Master's degree from a top computer science graduate program.
  • Co-founder of a successful startup later acquired by a large industry player.
  • Able to quickly assimilate new tools, languages, and environments.
  • Good visual sense.
  • Plays well with others.

Prior Engagements:

Independent Software Architect.

Santa Cruz, CA, June 2002 to present.
Developed a wide variety of custom software and information solutions. Projects ranged from algorithmically-generated graphic design to high-performance JavaScript image processing to geospatial business intelligence.

Visual Artist And Technologist.

Stephen Von Worley Photographic Arts, Santa Cruz, CA, June 2005 to June 2010.
Created and managed my portfolio of fine art photography. Implemented Java libraries to process digital RAW-format camera files, a C++ utility to calculate celestial lineups with local landmarks and vantage points, and a system enabling the efficient creation of gigapixel-scale algorithmic renderings. Constructed several novel photographic devices and cameras.

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer.

Freestyle Interactive, San Francisco, CA, May 1997 to July 2001.
Guided Freestyle from startup to respected industry leader. Built and managed a world-class engineering team. Architected, developed, and maintained core technological systems and infrastructure. Created many of Freestyle's Java rich media banners and online games. Designed and developed a codec for the efficient delivery of lightweight video advertisements to desktops and handheld devices.

Lead Software Engineer.

Elan Computer Group, Mountain View, CA, June 1995 to October 1996.
Enhanced Elan License Manager, a cross-platform product enabling software vendors to easily add license-based usage controls to their products. Designed and implemented new features, including a secure DES-based encryption algorithm, X/Motif versions of command-line tools, and hardware key support. Optimized the license server and client-server TCP/IP communications.

Interests and Expertise:

Data, visualization, graphics, maps, Internet/Web technologies, algorithmic/generative art, image processing, cryptography, compression, software design (data structures, time/space trade-offs, abstractions, code optimization, scalability, etc.), parallel processing, weather, finance, photography, games, and more.


University of California, Berkeley.

Master of Science in Computer Science, May 1995.
California Fellowship in Microelectronics, August 1992.

Washington University in St. Louis.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, cum laude, May 1992.
Award for Professional Excellence, Computer Science Department, May 1992.