Stephen Von Worley

About Me

Happy Swimmers

Hello, and welcome! I’m Steve, a software engineer, computer scientist, and artist residing with family and fish an hour down the coast from Frisco.

My story starts in 1977, as a third grader lured by the mysterious glow of the Apple II, hunting and pecking my first computer program, “RUN”, and then…

Voilà! It drew a God’s eye, as intended! I was hooked.

Forty years, two computer science degrees, and a million-plus lines of code later, I’ve become better at writing software than the average bear.

From time to time, I entrepreneur, most successfully as co-founder and CTO of Freestyle Interactive, a renowned San Francisco online software and marketing firm acquired by the Aegis Group in 2003.

My favorite pursuits are creating and learning, and better yet, creating and learning simultaneously. To that end, you’ll often find me experimenting with maps, algorithms, photography, the written word, generative art, cooking, parenting, data visualization, and meandering aimfully through the desert.

Random tidbits:

I always like to hear about interesting tech engagements, salaried or otherwise. Know about something that might be a fit? Contact me!